Monday, June 11, 2012

Transition Phase

Once again I am in transition mode, but when are we not transitioning? I start my (kind of) new job on Wednesday and with every passing day I grow more nervous. I am anxious to be working again after such a long period of stagnation. I worry about how the people will be, how the job will be here, how many hours I can get. If money was not a consideration, there would be far less worry in my life and everyone else's (I assume). We could all pursue our talents and interests instead of settling on jobs that people deem are worthy of us. Again I state that I have a real problem with the entry level versus experienced candidates because those of us who are entry level are never given a chance to become experienced. I believe experience shouldn't be solely classified on what jobs you have worked and how long. It should be based on your knowledge of the field and the willingness you have to do the job- so many other things should be considered in the hiring process.
However, I am pursuing optimism as this week progresses. I hope that this job will provide further opportunity for me. Since I have been working for this company for the past year and a half, I am considered "experienced." I hope that in my case my experience will pay off and that I will be comfortable in considerably less time than it would take if I was brand new. I also hope that my experience allows me to be considered for bigger and better opportunities in the future. I have started thinking beyond my current role and want to take every opportunity I can to grow within different roles, to become more valuable to the company, and to add more to my personal resume of accomplishments as well as my professional one. I believe we are as valuable as we give ourselves credit, as we alllow ourselves to be. The number of jobs and bullet points on a sheet of paper doesn't define who you are, but your sense of self-worth does.
I pray that the right opportunities will come my way and I will be able to recognize the right paths for me as I continue learning about myself. I've gained a lot of self-confidence through doing and learning. I hope to continue to be open to taking chances I might find along the way. All I can do is remain true to myself and work towards fitting the rest into place.

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