Monday, April 9, 2012

Starting to See the Bigger Picture

I have started this blog in search of the bigger picture. Embarking on a journey of self-discovery lately, I find myself conflicted yet hopeful. Under the pressure of finding a new job, I spend my days searching endlessly for employment while asking myself what is it that I really want? I have so many interests that I find it difficult to hone them into one job about which I can feel completely passionate. I think we're all looking for that dream job, the job where the days fly by because we are so ridiculously happy that it's not like work at all. That's what I want, but it's hard to find the ideal, isn't it? Maybe I need to stop trying. I've often thought about starting my own business, creating something I can market, putting together a team of my closest friends who also see the bigger picture. I'm still in the process of discovery, discovering life, discovering happiness, and discovering who and what is significant to me. This is only the beginning of my search to see the world in the same way I view a kaleidoscope. Look inside and see the colors and patterns shifting and changing with every turn. That's what I want- variation, diversity, spontaneity, life. I think it's all anyone really wants.

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