Tuesday, April 10, 2012


I have had a rare moment of clarity this morning. Although no one likes unemployment, I am beginning to understand its invaluable purpose for me. Now that doesn't mean I've given up on finding a means of income and have just decided to bask in the love of doing nothing. I've merely decided to embrace the meaning it has for my life right now. I have begun to realize lately that the endless stream of jobs I have been applying to and the countless interviews that I have been on have not really had any meaning for me. I applied to be general office manager of a dance studio today, and it was the first job that I have applied to in a month that I was genuinely excited to hear the outcome. I am not a dancer, although I have taken multiple zumba classes and quite enjoyed them. So it wasn't the art of dance that intrigued me but rather the art of creativity, the opportunity of a position in which my creative mind had a place. While I have been applying to the office jobs, the data entry positions, the administrative aid duties, I have been neglecting my inner child that has been screaming at me. Creativity has been a big part of my life since I took a course in it, but I've put it on the back shelf and now it wants to be taken off that shelf; it's eager for a play date and so am I. I am learning to embrace my unemployment as a way to enhance my creativity, to keep writing, to keep thinking, to keep discovering who I am and what life is all about for me. If we neglect to even begin searching for happiness then what is the point? I vow to find activities that make me happy and stick with them. I may be stuck in the 9 - 5 job very soon, and while I will be grateful for the income, I won't let that limit my potential or stop searching for possibilities. I want to continue writing, I want to take more zumba classes, maybe start up yoga. I'm not sure what I want to do yet, but I know I will have fun figuring it out.

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