Friday, July 20, 2012

My Morning of Peace

This morning is one of the best examples I can give of living in the present, living in the moment. As I have previously posted, I am extremely bad at doing this, but often being in the right place, at the right time, reminds me that it is indeed possible. I had to share my morning because I feel more peaceful and at home today than I have in a while. 
I slept in this morning and actually slept last night for the first time in I don't remember when. When I woke this morning, I thought I heard a pattering on the windows even over the noise of the window fan. I got out of bed to turn off the fan and heard the rain outside. Rain, after days and days of unbearable humidity that forces you to stay inside with the blinds drawn like a hermit. I opened the shades and embraced the sound and the feel of cool air in my room. I opened the blinds around the apartment and reheated a cup of coffee. I was cold just walking around in my shorts and a tank top, so I went to my closet and took out a piece I have been waiting to wear- my grandmother's wool sweater. I chose it from her clothes after she passed because there is a picture of us taken together a few years ago in which I am wearing the sweater and she is hugging me. As I take it out of the closet and wrap it around me, I can still smell her scent on it, yet I smile instead of becoming sad. The microwave beeps and I am called to the kitchen, stirring in cream with my coffee. I take the steaming mug to the bedroom and sit at the desk, pen in hand. As I journal, I can't help but smile as the rain hits the windows and the world seems quieter, more peaceful outside. 
The sound of rain has always been calming to me. The flow of running water brings peace and cleanses all it touches. In this case, it brings some cool air back to the summer and a fresh scent to the stale air. As I sit here writing, I have goosebumps because this really is my perfect morning. My cup of coffee, my writing, the rain, my grandmother- it's all here. Everything that brings me peace, everything that brings me joy, everything that has the ability to take away the worries and burdens in my life. There is no stress, at least just for this morning. I'm sure once the rain lets up, the afternoon will fill with heat and hostility again. But for now, I had to share this perfect moment. I had to remind both you and me that living in the moment does exist, that sometimes when we need a break that moment has the ability to present itself unexpectedly. So can you do me a favor? Embrace it, don't let it pass by unnoticed. I promise you won't regret it. 

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