Friday, May 11, 2012

One Step Closer...

Another day, another disappointment. I marvel today at the fact that I can interview for so many different jobs and only like one out of a dozen. The only one I've fallen in love with so far has taken it's sweet time getting back to me regarding the second interview. 
As I sat for an hour interviewing today, instead of focusing on the questions asked, I could only think of other matters: the fact that I almost got in at least three separate accidents on my way there; the reason the pay must be so great is because it is in the heart of a city; while the people were nice, I couldn't help but notice the bars on the windows... Why is it that we get stuck with so many unappealing options? I've tried to dig out the good ones, I have, but I'm realizing that they are extremely difficult to come by. Many believe that the perfect job doesn't exist and while I understand (and sometimes embody the same belief), I also think that there is a position that is right for every individual, it's just a matter of finding it. That may take days, months, or even years, but if you search hard enough, you'll find it. 
I should have known that my morning would end somewhat disappointingly. I left one state for a career change and found myself beginning to interview yet again in the field I left. So it stands to reason that I would start to have second thoughts. I'm realizing that sometimes the jobs worth having are worth waiting for yet I know that we don't all have the option to wait. I know I don't. As funds are running low and my search becomes a little more stressful daily, I try to look at the positives in my life. At least my housing situation has worked itself out, at least all my close relationships are still intact, at least I still get up every day willing to see where the day goes. I'm even open to disappointment because there is a lesson to every effort, an outcome to every event. If I hadn't gone on the interview, I would have wondered. With every interview, I gain less doubt and rule out possibilities I might not have experienced before. I only hope and pray that they get me closer to the real thing. I am open to settling, but only if my gut tells me that I could stand working at a place for more than five seconds. If you can't see yourself lasting two weeks, then maybe you should spend more time searching. I can afford to search for a little bit longer, and at least I'm narrowing down what I will and will not settle for. 
In moving, I've witnessed a lot of change in myself and in what I am willing to fight for. I'm willing to say no to a future employer if I know it won't work. I'm willing to travel someplace I've never been (even if it slightly scares me) for an interview. I'm willing to apply to jobs I would never have considered before. It takes courage to say yes, but it also takes courage to say no. Settling doesn't mean you have to be miserable. If I end up settling for a job to pay the bills in the meantime then so be it. But I won't stop searching for what I truly want and neither should you. 

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